5/21 Embodying the Endocrine System

Embodying the Endocrine System

Embodying the Endocrine System

with Jessica Mark

Explore how to embody the qualities and characteristics of 15 glands and organs that assist in endocrine balancing through body awareness, touch, and gentle movement.

Learn how the organization of the endocrine system can create clarity, shift structural imbalances, and increase flow and communication in the system as a whole.

Discover new possibilities for cueing effortless movement from within. Join Jessica Mark, Happy Body studio owner and Ortho-Bionomy® Instructor, for this fresh approach to awareness and understanding of the endocrine system.

Sunday, May 21 12:00 – 2:00pm $40

Book online HERE or info@ashevillehappybody.com or 8282731288
  • “ I’m just having so much fun I forget it’s work! ”

    Jen R

  • “ I am just very grateful to you all. I love Happy Body! I feel strong in a much deeper way. ”

    Tammy S

  • “ When I first started here my body hurt all over. Now I feel freedom, spaciousness and incredible strength! ”

    Judy Mc

  • “ My body is amazing since I started doing Pilates at HB. I was at the point that hips and shoulders (were) falling apart – all better now, not to mention new body shape. ”

    Maria W

  • “ I understand my body like never before. I have tools to carry through my life everyday. You are all inspiring because you are learning and sharing continuously! ”

    Laura M

  • “ I recommend our patients to your facility because of your attention to body mechanics and “core” principles. Also, that you keep your classes small so that you can make the corrections needed for each client. You don’t push clients past their capability. ”

    Joanne G

  • “ The concentration on individual body parts in normal daytime activity – are my shoulders down, bringing lower abs in and up, etc. I am much happier with my posture and strength. ”

    Shelley B

  • “ Every time I leave Happy Body after Pilates I feel great! I gain strength and flexibility while having fun. The instructors are incredibly supportive and knowledgable. I highly recommend Happy Body if you want to love caring for your body. ”

    Lisa S.

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