Aromatherapy is the safe and controlled use of therapeutic grade essential oils to maintain and promote physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Aromatic plants have been enhancing the lives of humankind since the dawn of history and are a critical component of all ancient healing traditions. Aromatherapy promotes health, vitality, a sense of harmony with the natural world, offers a safe and effective alternative for dealing with many routine, day-to-day challenges to good health and well-being, and works well in conjunction with other appropriate interventions.

Common Uses for Aromatherapy

  • To reduce mental, physical, and emotional stress and to restore balance
  • To support spiritual growth, also for cleansing and purification
  • To enhance mental clarity, energy and invigoration
  • To energetically shift stuck patterns, stagnation,congestion
  • To support our physical body and systems such as skin, hair, respiratory and muscular


The Aromatherapy Consultation Process

Our practitioners wish to consider your whole being, body, mind, and spirit, when making recommendations for your optimal health. During your consultation, your practitioner will review with you your health history, your present concerns, and your goals for whole health. You will have an opportunity to share your intention in considering aromatherapy as part of your healing journey and ask any questions you may have.

During the session and within the following week, your practitioner may make recommendations of essential oils and other holistic options specific to you and your intention. The botanical, traditional, and energetic aspect of each essential oil is considered in order to apply its unique resonance and healing force to your individual needs. Simply put, it is a case of matching your unique qualities and needs with the vital properties of particular oils in order to restore balance and promote well being. You may receive a recommendation for a custom aromatherapy blend (or blends) and options to purchase for an extra charge. Directions for optimal and safe use included. Custom blends will most likely be formulated after your consult to be picked up or mailed. Also included is a follow up email or phone call regarding your progress.

This consultation does not take the place of medical evaluation and it is solely your decision whether or not to follow through with any aromatherapy interventions suggested. Aromatherapy is not medical treatment and does not address or “cure” medical diseases and illnesses; rather, it offers another route for relieving common complaints and improving quality of life.

* Please note that Happy Body's cancellation policy requires notice by 6pm the day before your scheduled appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment before 6pm the day before, you will be charged the full cost of the session.


Aromatherapy Consultation

For new and returning clients. Aromatherapy works with essential oils, a potent form of herbal medicine, working to shift energy, stagnation, congestion, and stuck patterns. Learn how the vital properties of particular essential oils may support your holistic journey to wellness. Review with your practitioner your health history, your present concerns, and your goals for whole health, and receive a recommendation of a custom blend (or blends) of oils to support your journey to wellness. Sessions last between 60-90 minutes.



Essential oils are volatile, fragrant, liquid substances that are naturally occurring in a variety of aromatic plants growing around the world. They are powerful, all natural healing agents that contain the highly concentrated vital energy, or “Qi” of the plants. They are unique in that they invoke our sense of smell and transform our state of well-being. Each essential oil is extracted from a single botanical source through distillation or cold-pressing. The essential oils, which are produced by the plants mainly for communication and protection, are stored in secretory structures in different parts of hundreds of plants--the leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, twigs, wood, etc. These constituents perform multiple functions in plants and insects and also in mammals. Our bodies are biologically programmed to react to essential oil constituents, which interact with a variety of receptor sites, neurochemicals and enzymes, giving essential oils a potential for therapeutic activity. They can positively affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Essential oils should never be taken internally unless prescribed by a medical doctor or another qualified practitioner who is trained to a medical standard (like a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, etc). The main risks associated with external use of eo’s (in the amounts and by methods suggested by the practitioner) are allergic reaction, skin irritation, and in some cases increased risk of sunburn. Some essential oils have contraindications and should not be used with certain medical conditions like pregnancy or with specific medications. Special considerations are also taken for children and the elderly. A thorough and honest intake form is necessary so that all of these considerations can be met. Clients will be educated on the safe use of essential oils.

The following methods are the safest and most commonly used ways for applying essential oils both for therapeutic benefit and pleasure. They involve the topical absorption of diluted essential oils through massage, ointments, compresses, and baths, as well as inhalation using various types of diffusers or spritzers. Subtle aromatherapy works with the vibrations the essential oils carry from their parent plants that convey something of the life energy of the plant. All of these methods can have a positive effect both physically and psychologically.

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