Pilates Reformer class

Happy Body — a Pilates, Yoga and Bodywork studio

Happy Body is a Pilates, yoga, and bodywork studio specializing in individual and small group training. We offer the highest quality mind/body fitness with an emphasis on awareness and fun.

Our team is dedicated to supporting people of all ages, abilities, and needs in finding their own happy, healthy, and pain-free bodies through movement, awareness, and ease.

Our focus on private and small group classes in Pilates and yoga affords each client the most individualized attention from our movement professionals.  We believe that when you move better, you feel better; when you feel better, you live in a better, happier you! We can all reclaim and maintain a happy body, and each of us deserves the opportunity to do so.

Combining our services for strength and flexibility training, mind and body awareness, and restorative and therapeutic bodywork provides a foundation for wellness and wholistic health. Our highly experienced staff is ready to support you toward your journey in your happiest body yet!